Must Visit Destination, Derawan

Derawan was one of my travelling bucket list back then at 2019. Well, it's a little bit late for writing about that trip, but as i always said...

better late than never, right? 

My self at Maratua Paradise Resort

I already planned about that summer on 2019 a little while from the beginning of the year. I actually want to go to Labuan Bajo first, but then, because of all the promos, vlog, and article i've been reading about is telling about how gorgeous Derawan is, then i changed my planned. And again, Labuan Bajo is being postponed after so many years because of another destination i've been wanting to explore. 
When the 5th month is entering, i already set up my mind and my plan to go to Derawan with one of the best trip planner there, HVTRIP. If we search on Instagram, there will be a lot of travel or trip planner that provide the same destination, or with much cheaper price, but i reviewed and watch some of youtuber vlog about their trip to Derawan, and i think HVTRIP giving the best trip to Derawan because they're much more local people who understand and know the land. Besides, their footage of photograph and video is soooo aesthetic and promising. Well, how can i say no to that? 

After thinking some time, i decided to go with my brother. At first i just want to go alone all by my self, but then, why not having a little company of my brother - Since it's his 15th birthday last year. 
On june, i literally counting the days to the departure date. 

July 4th 2019
My morning flight is being schedule to the earlier time which is 5.50am. God, i swear if i can choose, i skip the morning flight for sure. I am that kind of person when it comes to flying out with plane, i will definetely not choose morning flight. LOL. 
On the flight, we fall asleep as it's still morning and we flew for 1 hours and 50 minutes to Tarakan first from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng. We landed around 9am with only ate pop mie at plane. We were immediately welcomed by the travel and direct us to take the bus. The hot weather touches my skin as we walked to the bus. Me and my brother decided to go as a Backpacker style since we know we will riding a lot of speed boat, and it's only 4 Days 4 night, which is so reasonable if we want to just go with backpacker style. 

From Tarakan, we went to the Tanjung Batu Port in Berau then go stright to Derawan with speed boat for 3 hours (yeah that long, so make sure you're not sea sick). After the long waiting, we arrived at Derawan Island that afternoon around 2pm. We are welcomed by the HVTRIP team, with Galang, Mr Hasan, and Hady. They showed us our cottage and give us a little brief about what is our schedule that day. As i imagined, Derawan island is really pretty and worth all the wait and time. We're welcomed with blue sky and blue almost tosca sea with such a fresh air. Suddenly all my tired from onboard in speed boat for 3 hours is gone. 

Derawan Island is one of the beautiful islands in Indonesia, located in Berau, East Kalimantan. It is said that this island means 'virgin' or still sacred when the Filipinos first settled it. Long ago, they sought fresh water supplies, until finally stranded on Derawan Island. The island, which is located in East Kalimantan, is often dubbed as the 'Maldives of Indonesia' because of its resort shape which is above the water (Water Resort) and the clarity of sea water.

After taking lunch, we get some time to rest and prepare for our first schedule which is going to Gusung Sanggalau. Gusung sanggalau is  an uninhabited sand island in the Derawan Island. Watching sunset over from this place was incredible. One of the best sunset i've ever had. Then when the dusk is down, we went back to our resort and having a dinner.

July 5th 

at early morning, we wake up to a beautiful sunrise in front of our cottage room. We wake up so early and having morning sail with our speedboat to Goa Halo Tabung or it used to be called Goa Hj. Mangku. The activity is jumping from the top of the cave and swiming into deep down below the cave. The water feels so cold but yet we were having fun swimming and taking pictures. If we can dive inside the water cave, that's actually pretty magnificent view down there. 
One thing that i remember is that i forget to hang my swimming goggles and it was drowning so deep untill i cannot saw it everywhere from the surface. Then one of our guide, Mr Hasan, diving into the water and found my drowned swimming goggles. Thanks god, i really scared if they will charged me because of losing their goggles. Lol 

after diving and swimming, we go to one of the best resort in Derawan called Maratua Paradise Resort to have breakfast and taking video drone from that magnificant and beautifully resort that afloat in the water surface. 

after having breakfast, we went to Kakaban Island where the non-Sting Jellyfish is stayed and breed from thousand years ago. It was such a beautiful experience swimming around the jellyfish, because we have to swim carefully. After that, we were relaxing at the Kakaban island while having our lunch. Along the way, we met Dolphin jumping out from the sea around our boat. We were so happy watching the Dolphin and Marling swimming around us. 
We stopped at Sangalaki Island, where we saw baby turtles or we called it tukik. Watching sunset over as the sun goes down and left on a footprint in the sand. What a beautiful day. 

July 6th, 

On our 3rd Day, we wake up so early to swimming with Whaleshark in the middle of the sea. The locals called it Talisayan. The whaleshark is differ by a few types of size and the don't bite human. They eat meat or beef, but mostly smaller fish. After swimming and diving to watch whaleshark closely, i crawl up to the top of the boat, feel the morning sun shining to me. Ah, what a beautiful day. 

After that, we sail again for almost around 2 hours to go to Labuan Cermin. When we're arriving at Labuan Cermin, we eat breakfast first because we haven't eat anything for breakfast (and we don't realize we haven't had breakfast that morning because we're too much having fun haha) 

Labuan Cermin is a Lake that become one of the water attractions we must visit while we're there, located in Labuan Kelambu Village, Biduk-biduk District, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. This natural tourist spot is managed by the local community in collaboration with the Labuan Cermin Community Institution which oversees it.

Again, we went swimming and taking pictures. The water is soooo cold. Cooler than the water in Halo Tabung Cave on the 2nd day. But we were really enjoying that day swimming and taking videos or photo. The lake was so beautiful and clear. 
Oh and anyway, according to local beliefs, we can't go swimming in Labuan Cermin if we're menstruating (for woman). 

After swimming, we went to the last island on Derawan archipelago. The place called Manimbora island. The iconic 'spongebob tree' in the middle of this island. Back then, the heat was so hot, but they have a beautiful beach with white sand. 

On the last night, we're doing a little barbeque and they catch a big fish for us. What a memorable night. 

Last Day, July 7th 

On the last day, after breakfast, me and my brother strolling around Derawan island, going to local traditional market and looking for some souvenirs and local snacks. At 10am, we have to say good bye to our guide and go back to Tarakan. My flight is scheduled at 5pm from Tarakan Airport, so we still have some times to try local food in Tarakan and go to Bekantan monkey conservation place. 

Well, at the end of the trip, i feel so tired and my face is burnt, but i have a lot of experience and i feel so happy and blessed. 

Thank you Derawan!