A little note for 2021

2021, and how is it so far with you?

I hope everything is going good for you 

Well, mostly people write their new year wish at the last day of the year or the first day of the new year. But i still do it now, as it is already the 19th of January. But then again, better late than never right? 

Lol, why i kinda always say that hahahaha

2021 is the year full of hoping. Hoping that this one is being more good than last year, as we knew 2020 is not a confetti, sparkling, or all happy. A lot of sadness, pain, polemic, and all the bad days we knew back then, is on 2020. 

Neverless, let just say that we're sorry for 2020 but still we have to count the blessing. 

2021 is the year where i wish i can get my bachelor degree, where i can pass the TOEFL and GMAT test, where i can pass my work probation month. Where i wish i will wear my graduation cap again, where i wish more traveling around, where i wish a lot of progressing from what i've been working on. A lot of good thing we wish for this year, me also. 

This year, i think i don't want to plan anything too far, just let the fate goes and let the flow bring me new experience, unexpectedly good chance, or meeting another soul that maybe could touch my life with other meaningful things, or anything good - i think we all gonna take that.

Every bit, last, of good thing that exist this year. 

Because we already suffer so much for 2020. So, let's just giving it a chance, to growth, to accept everything that happen. 

And for that, i'll cheers. 

To happiness and a lot of opportunities to be happy on 2021